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Public Banks - A Solution for:

Creating Jobs, Relieving Student Debt,

Fully Funding Education, Protecting Your Home, Funding New Green Infrastructure, and much more...

It’s simple, watch the short videos below, then act of the solutions.

There are more links and information down this page.

4. A Solution - Public Banking

       (A better way to fix so many problems)

3. Interest Everywhere!

       ( ... it will blow your mind ... )

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General Resources:

What a billion and trillion dollars looks like. Check it out!

Famous Americans for a public owned monetary system:

Public Banking Institute - leading the way!

North Dakota - a red (Republican) state with a Public Bank:

California looking into a Public Bank:

Kucinich about the Federal Reserve:

David Korten - a name you should know:

David Korten - a longer talk but very interesting (scroll down):

It’s a bit ‘religious’ but he translates concepts well. Watch!

I Want to Know More!

( Additional Resources )

Note: it took us several months to consolidate this info into these brief movies. Here is a short list of our references. Also refer to our Board of Advisors and know we have reviewed the work of many respected economists.

1. Intro - the Amazing Benefits of this Solution

       (life should be easy for us ... and can be!)

2. How Money is Created

       (this is very important to understand)

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