A big part (roughly 40%) of the global warming emissions come from burning coal to create electricity.

Why not generate your own power and save a lot of money!?

In many cases if you get a solar system for your home you will start saving money immediately ( 20-40% ... at least ) and in 5-7 years you could be saving around 80% on your power bills.

Over 20 years this can easily add up to saving $50,000 or more on an average home!

Businesses and apartments can install solar as well in many cases.

Don’t wait for the government to be doing what they should on this ... be the solution!

The fossil fuel industry has put out a lot of misleading information on this topic. Why? Well ... follow the money! Regardless of their efforts the solar industry is booming!

Look into solar options in your area. Ask friends, do a web search, check Yelp.


Coal is the biggest air polluter in the US. Click here.

Solution 3: Go Solar ... Save Money!

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