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What is CAFR??

CAFR is billions of your tax dollars sitting in Wall Street investments while we pay huge sums of interest on public projects like schools, roads, and bridges.

CAFR stands for “Comprehensive Annual Financial Report” and states, counties, cities, etc ... have to put out these financial reports every year to show the public where our tax dollars are being spent.

Well, some heroic citizens, who are highly qualified to analyze these financial reports, read through them and you will be shocked to hear how much of our tax money is sitting in Wall Street “investment accounts” while we cut education, fire teachers, cut infrastructure projects, fire, police, and other critical public services.

Please review the links below, and tell your friends and family about this issue. Being informed is key.

Also, know that most of our Representatives don’t know about Public Banks or CAFR!


Call them and tell them! It’s up to us to make a difference.

This is one of the biggest issues facing us today and learning about it is the first step to fixing it.

Just click on the links below:

We use California as an example but know this is happening in almost every state, and in other countries as well.

>> See for yourself! Click here to see the California 2013 CAFR report. Look on page 244 ... over $440 billion invested! <<

>> CAFR: Carl Herman is an expert on the topic <<

>> CAFR: A Short Video on the topic <<

>> CAFR: The State of CA is sitting on at least $600 billion <<

>> CAFR: More detail about CA funds (scroll down) <<

CAFR - The Biggest Game in Town

Where are your taxes going?

 We can:
 Reduce college costs
 Relieve student debt
 Fully fund K-12 education
 Rebuild our infrastructure
 Fully fund social services 
 Reduce taxes
 and much more...

Yes! By releasing the CAFR funds!